Providing detailed, fine-grained information not usually available through conventional Research. More »

Challenging Assumptions:

Narratives breach the gap between policy makers assumptions and beneficiaries realities More »

Respect for voice:

Focus on What people say about their life situation documented It in a way that can influence policy makers. More »


Continuously improving approach defined by experience; with rigor achieved by ‘triangulating’ stories and information. More »


Simple, direct and immediate form of ‘pulse taking’ that clearly delivers the experience of people living in poverty. More »

Value for Money:

Providing unequivocal insights into what people living in poverty value and therefore which investments will be relevant. More »


Welcome to the RCA Community of Practice

What is the Reality Check Approach (RCA)?

The RCA is a powerful tool for improving the connection between pro-poor policies, their implementation and the people that such policies are supposed to serve. Through both retrospective and longitudinal  ‘Listening studies’ RCA offers donors and governments an opportunity to shed light on whether policies and interventions carried out in the name of the poor, translate into tangible improvements in the lives of targeted individuals. (click here to see a short introduction to the RCA).

What is the Community?

The Reality Check Approach Community is a forum for Development practioners, members of the donor community and researchers who are interested  in discussing, learning about and implementing the Reality Check Approach.

What will you find here?

  • An introduction to the  Approach and it’s applications.
  • A blog and forum for news and discussion around the Methodology.
  • A record of all the reports relating to RCA.

The RCA community of practice is currently managed by the Effective Development Group.
For more information email or visit